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To us, any dining experience that is exceptional falls into the category of gourmet catering.

Some people would say that the term gourmet catering is a bit of a misnomer because all they have ever experienced is ordinary, tasteless catered meals. At Dine By Design Catering, we feel that the Winston-Salem, North Carolina community deserves to see that any catering experience can be a gourmet catering experience when handled by passionate and dedicated professionals.

Gourmet Catering in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

To us, gourmet catering doesn’t necessary mean lobster and caviar, although it can include those high-end items. What gourmet catering means to us is a creative menu, appealing presentation, and flavors that rock your taste buds! At the foundation of an exceptional catering experience is the quality of the ingredients. We don’t believe you can call anything gourmet that gets warmed up from a freezer case or slopped in a dish after opening a can. Instead, we make everything from scratch using the finest, freshest ingredients for an exceptional taste experience.

Our gourmet catering is the ideal solution for any gathering, from an intimate private wedding to a corporate conference with hundreds of attendees. Whether you are looking for a buffet, boxed lunch, 3-course sit-down meal, or something else, we are confident that you’ll agree that even the simplest of meals prepared with care, attention, and passion can truly be called gourmet catering.

While we do have several menus designed that would be ideal for any gourmet catering experience, we are always happy to create a customized one should you need something different. We can also accommodate food restrictions and other requests so that you won’t have to worry about a single guest leaving your gathering hungry.

Call us today with any questions you might have about our gourmet catering or to schedule a complimentary consultation.