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We take corporate event catering up a notch, and we’re confident you and your guests will be impressed.

If your company regularly holds events throughout the year for a variety of occasions, it can be helpful to have one corporate event catering professional that you can trust to make them all memorable. At Dine By Design Catering, we also know that most companies would prefer it if each event stood on its own merits, rather than using a cookie-cutter approach that does little to impress those that come to every event.

Corporate Event Catering in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

Our unique approach to corporate event catering ensures that you and your guests will not only enjoy your event but will anxiously await the next one. We are equipped to handle any size of event, from a small meeting of your board members or investors to a customer or employee appreciation even with hundreds of attendees. From helping you locate the best venue in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area for your event to setting up, serving, and cleaning up afterward, we will pay attention to even the smallest details.

Our ability to customize our corporate event catering services sets us apart from the rest. We take special dietary requirements and food requests completely in stride. We haven’t received a challenge yet that we didn’t meet and exceed! From selecting the finest and freshest ingredients to making everything from scratch, we put time, attention, and care into your corporate event catering. To put it simply, we don’t reheat items that were frozen or come from cans – we actually cook! Your guests will certainly be able to tell the difference that makes and be impressed at your choice for corporate event catering. Call today to discuss your upcoming events and how we can make them exceptional.

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