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Let us provide private wedding catering that perfectly suits your style and helps you create the wedding of your dreams.

For many people, the details of their wedding are something they’ve dreamed about for years. Even if you haven’t yet figured out all of the details like the flowers and the gown, you likely have specific ideas that match your unique style and symbolize your relationship. When it comes to the food you serve on your special day, you should be able to select something you love and that perfectly suits the atmosphere you want to create. At Dine By Design Catering, we will not limit you in your private wedding catering options.  We want your wedding menu to fit seamlessly with the rest of your wedding and provide your guests with an incredible dining experience.

Private Wedding Catering in Greensboro, North Carolina

Here at Dine By Design Catering, we are committed to serving food of only the best quality. Each of our menu options are made from scratch; nothing is canned or frozen. We also work hard to stay on top of the latest trends and serving techniques, so your wedding can look picture perfect and taste even better.

We understand that excellent private event catering goes beyond the food, but also requires top-notch service. We can help you with many details of your event including flowers, linens, china, or even arranging a venue. Our service staff is highly experienced and professional in both their appearance and their demeanor. They are all committed to helping your big day live up to your dreams.

With nearly two decades of experience providing private wedding catering and other catering services, we are the top choice for your Greensboro, North Carolina wedding. Give us a call today so we can get the planning underway.

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